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Landscape is the art of uniting nature in a pleasant, subtle, and harmonious way to places where there had been developmental impacts. Gardens are made to enhance construction, entrances, paths... among others, transending the sensation of happiness, comfort and peace. Landscaping allows implementation of applications where we can appreciate flowers, birds, butterflies and small animals in perfect balance with the environment.

Vegetation and material chosen are essential for the landscape to become as close to natural as possible. Being able to observe the changes of seasons during the year with different flowers, leaves changing colors, trees loosing theirs leaves and re- blooming is such a privilege that can only be appreciated in a planned garden that is executed to look naturally beautiful. Successful gardens are best accomplished with passion and experience.

As a third generation to Campos do Jordao, I have had the unique opportunity to learn about the native habitat, vegetation, and best material to use in many landscape applications. My 18 years of experience in both design and installation to complex topography's has provided award winning projects to hundreds of clients throughout Brazil.


Exclusives and making a difference, our projects are personalized according to the needs of each client.


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From design, development, deployment and maintenance until the decor and garden irrigation.

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